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How does it work?

Every still image and video has a free, watermarked version for you to download and test. The free images are reduced in size, both still and video images are downloadable at  1920 x 1080 pixels. Once you have decided on the images you want to use in your work, you can purchase the full-size, un-watermarked image.

Most files that you purchase will be available for immediate download but because the files are all very high quality, some are very large and will be sent to you either by or by Showfile’s Rackspace account. We may even give you your own Dropbox folder.


How can I use the images?

Images from Showfile are sold on a Licensed, Rights Managed, Royalty Free basis. That means that images purchased by a user allows the one time use of those images for a specific project, production, presentation or show without the need to pay royalties during the life of that project. If you want to use those images for a different project, then additional licenses need to be purchased.


What does it cost?

Showfile’s pricing  is based on the cost of storing very large files. Some of the 4k videos can be as large as 20Gb. The prices will always be kept as low as possible allowing some of the more popular downloads to support the more obscure images in order to keep the diversity of work as wide as possible.



Can I pay by Credit or Debit card and can I pay in my own currency?

Yes, Showfile’s payment system uses Paypal. Showfile's Paypal account is setup to accept Credit and Debit cards as well as the normal Paypal account. It accepts payment in all global currencies. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO USE IT.



Can I have a receipt to claim back a payment?

Yes, a receipt is emailed to you automatically.


I am a student, how do I claim my free access to Showfile?

After you have signed-up, send an email to with details of your college or school and the end date of your course. We will then set-up your free access.



Can my company set up an account?

Yes, email for details.



I can’t find what I am looking for on Showfile, do you accept commissions?

Yes, email   for a quote.



On what camera equipment do you use?

We use a variation of equipment depending on the nature of the images we are capturing. Most of our work is shot on Canon 5D, Nikon 7100 and Blackmagic Production 4K Cameras.



How can I become a contributor?

Yes, email for details