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Major Website Design
As you can see, this site looks different... We went for iDea . We hope you agree that it looks great.

Going 4k
Yes, after the new edit suite was finished, the next logical step was to improve our 4k editing capabilities. So we are about to take delivery of a new super 4K Skylake based system with more memory than should be humanly possible. We will post pictures as soon as we get setup.

New Work
Now that we are up and running again we are busier than we have ever been. We have been editing and posting fantastic footage from 2013. Sky, landscapes and horizons that were not possible to publish then but now, with the new insect removal technique, they look brilliant. Tomorrow we have a location shoot in London, very much like last year's Paris trip, to photograph shop and house frontages in that city. The intention is not to get any moving images but who knows what may catch our eyes.

Website Redesign
We have just carried out a few minor tweaks to the site. It will now be easier for you to find exactly what you want. From video loops to still images and textures. We hope you like it.

Boring Images?
We have been asked to include images that could be used as chroma key door backings for television. The brief is, normal and run of the mill street scenes for use as green screen backings. To the normal person, these images may be considered a little boring, not to us however, what and interesting project. Is it chroma-key or chroma key and green screen or green-screen? Not sure...

Film Noir Dummy TV
We are nearly ready to publish the first Dummy TV loop. The black and white film noir sequence will be online later today. We are amazed at how long it has taken. The testing consists of sitting in the dark with the loop playing on the television and looking at each-others faces. Almost creepy.

Dummy TV
We have been working on some loops that can be used as dummy or false television pictures. Digital picture frames, monitors or standard televisions can be used onstage to provide the effect of light coming off TV screens, we have worked on countless plays that require a scene to start with the actors watching TV. The loops will be 1 minute long to minimise the chance of noticeable patterns. We have decided on a range of TV genres that include sporting events, soaps, movies, quiz shows and my favourite, film noir. Obviously the file sizes will have to be small enough to fit on a reasonably priced micro SD card or USB stick. Lookout for them on the site.

We have been testing the Cadrage Director's Viewfinder and we think it is fantastic. When walking around and noticing subjects for future shots, its great to be able to record an image, with the lens and zoom information so that the setup can be as efficient as possible. That's 5 stars for Showfile:

Cut Video
It is disappointing when your hard work doesn't make it through to the first night of a show. Those hours of filming, editing and creating video loops of those perfect images for that production that go totally unseen by the audience because the director has cut them from the production. I'm afraid that that is show-business, the same applies to any creative involved, the designer, the lighting designer, the sound designer, the prop maker, the costume designer, even the actors could get their favorite lines removed before the show is finished. To those who this has happened to recently, we sympathise, at least you got a fee.

Bad Weather...
We have been geared up to film winter and storm clouds for some days now but isn't it always the way that when you want bad weather, is turns out to 'nice' or in this case, boring and drizzly. We will see what Friday and Saturday bring.

Video Designers
We have recently had many conversations with some of the Worlds top theatre video designers, programmers and operators, about the difficulty of finding source material of the right quality, format and type, They all agree that Showfile is a game changer and a resource that is greatly welcomed within the industry.

We are testing out the Ravelli AVTP Professional Tripod as recommended by Blackmagic themselves. So far we can't fault it, rock solid with a very high build quality. We will continue to monitor them and let you know more in the future.

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